What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

Magically Resourceful

“I don’t know what it would be like to meet a Hogwart’s professor from the Harry Potter books, but I have to imagine that you’d be a pretty great real world template.  Magic powers include being able to drive anywhere in Chicago without a GPS, snag parking under any circumstances, and use all kinds of tricks, chemicals, etc. to open frozen lockboxes (including using hydrogen peroxide to open the lockbox for our walkthrough on Thursday).  Still can’t believe that I met you standing in line for a restaurant to open.  Still can’t believe how much the three of us ‘clicked’ from the very beginning.  Still can’t believe how dead-on you were in your negotiating suggestions for the offer we made, the back-and-forth of which occurred while we were driving to Milwaukee for a caroling gig.  So thankful for all of your work, and for your recommendations! “

Derek, 2018

Prioritizing Your Requirements and Addressing Your Questions

I would like to thank Jayne Alofs for helping me secure a wonderful condo in the heart of downtown Chicago. From the property to the final price, Jayne helped make sure that everything was on my terms.

I especially enjoyed working with Jayne because she really understood my requirements and where I would be willing to compromise or cut corners. Likewise, the requirements I was not willing to compromise on Jayne always followed closely and made sure to prioritize.

I also would like to mention how patient Jayne was with my nitpicks and a myriad of questions. I think its a major plus when your broker takes time to address even the most basic and fundamental questions and concerns you may have. From what I have seen, not every broker will display the same level of patience with their client.

In conclusion, I would also like to point out that Jayne has been punctual and very accessible, even in the late hours…


Andrew, 2017

Kind yet Efficient”

“Jayne understood my goals and was extremely easy to work with.  Jayne made a very difficult situation much easier to navigate. She was kind yet efficient. Jayne helped get this sale done as quickly and fairly as possible. She helped guide me through each step. I would/will recommend Jayne whenever possible, she is professional, flexible and got the results we were hoping for.”



Helen, 2017

Knowledgeable, Professional, and a Joy to Work With

Jayne Alofs is the absolute best! She is knowledgable, professional and most importantly a joy to work with. As first time purchasers we were very nervous and had many questions but Jayne was there every step of the way to help and would check in regularly to see if we had any additional questions. She also provides great referrals, all of whom we were 100% comfortable with and confident in. It really makes the process easier to have an expert in your corner and Jayne will always have your back! We simply cannot recommend her enough!
Tara and Frank, 2016

Grateful For the Time He Spent Helping Me!

Recently, I worked with Scott Fishman to help me find an apartment. I was moving from the western suburbs and did not know the north suburbs or the northside of Chicago well at all. Scott sent me a list of properties that fit my needs which, I should add, was fairly extensive, and set up a day where the two of us saw six apartments in a row. He brought all of the printouts of the properties so we could remember things I liked and didn’t like about each one. Best of all, he made it clear that if I was not interested in any of these apartments, we could find another day to look. I found an amazing apartment in Evanston through him, and am grateful for the time he spent helping me.

Jessica, 2016

Scott Was Amazing

Scott was amazing! His valuable advice made navigating the real estate market easy. He was relentless in making sure that we were happy, well informed, and satisfied with our apartment purchase. Even after the deal was done, he continued to lend advice about improving the property. We highly recommend!

Sabina, 2016

An Absolute Pleasure

Jayne Alofs is an absolute pleasure to work with. She is sharp and knowledgeable about the Chicago market. She has a great sense of humor and communicates well. I would gladly work with Jayne again and I regularly recommend her to friends and colleagues.

Aaron & Joanne, 2016

A Very Professional Guide to the Real Estate Process

Selling our home and buying a new one was one of the most stressful and emotional events in our lives and we do not know how we would have done it without Scott.  He was there from day one helping us search for the perfect place. In fact, he was able to arrange for us to view our new home prior to it entering the open market because he knew it would be right for us.

When it came time for us to put our home up for sale, he provided all the up-to-date information for us to make a smart decision on how to price our home in order for it to sell quickly.  With Scott’s help, we sold our home in two weeks.  He learned all the ins and outs of our home and was able to really “sell” it and not just “show” it. Besides handling all the technical parts of the transactions, he was also there for us emotionally when there were bumps in the road.

We would highly recommend Scott to anyone who is looking for a very professional guide to help them through the real estate process.

Thank you so much for all you did Scott!

Steven and Michael, 2016

The Perfect Partner for Helping Me Find a Home

Scott Fishman was the perfect partner for helping me find a home. Due to my job I had to relocate from the suburbs to the city at a time when my kids and I were dealing with the loss of my wife and their mother. I was a widowed father and my focus was on being near good schools and making the transition as easy as possibly for my kids. Scott was patient, took time to understand what I needed and helped me find just the right house in just the right location. Scott totally owned the process of house-shopping and made the transition much less stressful for my family. I would absolutely recommend Scott to anyone looking to buy a home.

Larry, 2016

I Would 100% Work with Her Again!

Jayne Alofs was very knowledgeable about the Chicago area and the industry as a whole. She always made time to respond to my questions or go on property visits.

She was an absolute pleasure to work with. I would 100% work with her again, and I plan on referring her to all my friends!

Matthew, 2016

Personable, Professional & Prompt!

As a first-time (and somewhat nervous) home buyer, Jayne Alofs was the perfect agent for me: personable, professional, and prompt! She answered all my questions and assuaged all my concerns, making my home purchase as smooth a process as possible. I couldn’t recommend her more highly!

Sandra, 2016

Great Job!

Diane, 2016

One-Stop Shop with her Connections & Resources!

“As first-time home buyers, we needed a lot of guidance in both finding a condo and navigating the journey from offer to close. Jayne was there every step of the way and could not have been more helpful and accommodating to our many questions. She helped us feel excited and confident in the condo we chose, and her connections and resources made her a one-stop shop for our buying process. Most importantly, she made the process fun. She came highly recommended to us and we will happily refer her to others!”

Liz & Brendan, 2016

Overcoming Barriers

“Excellent job for a problematic court approved sale.”

Andrew, 2016

Consummate Professional & Trusted Advisor

“Jayne Alofs is a consummate professional and trusted advisor. I have worked with her for over 10 years and wouldn’t consider doing a real estate transaction with anyone else. She is smart, honest, and hard-working; she communicates effectively and in a timely manner; and her base of knowledge is incredibly helpful when either buying or selling. Add in a great sense of humor and you have a true partner in real estate. I always look forward to working with Jayne because I know a sometimes-difficult process will be made easier because I’m working with her.

Brian, 2016

Above & Beyond

“I was very happy working with Jayne to sell two homes. She came highly recommended to me and she definitely performed; she went above and beyond getting problems resolved with the Park Ridge Water Department in order for us to close. I doubt if other realtors would have done all that she did.”

Andrew, 2016

From Real Estate Agent to Friend

“We originally moved from the west coast, needing guidance since we had no clue about the city. Jayne had patience with us, and her trustworthiness allowed us to feel comfortable buying our first home in Chicago. All of her referrals have been great and we didn’t need to look for any outside resources, always providing us with clear direction on what areas to pay attention to. She took a sound bite from us on what we wanted in a home, and after working with us for almost a year, her knowledge of the city and market landed us the house we wanted! Jayne went from being our real estate agent to being our friend and the face of the city! Thank you Jayne, for making our transition to Chicago smooth and for knitting a blanket and hat for our kid.”

Nihaal, Nazia & Puneet, 2016

Tremendous Knowledge

“Scott Fishman was fantastic to work with! I was a first time home buyer and he walked me through all the steps. He has a tremendous amount of knowledge about the local scene and answered all my questions about the future growth of my neighborhood. I wouldn’t hesitate to use Jayne Alofs Partners in the future.”


Alex, 2016

Walked Me Through All the Steps

Working with Scott Fishman last year (2015) to sell my Evanston house (while under some financial stress and other senior-related life transitions) was a great blessing. He was totally hands-on, professional, friendly, and walked me through all the steps — sometimes more than once.In a few instances, he saved me some unnecessary additional stress. His willingness to talk things through before important decisions were made, was just what I needed through the 5-month process (one contract fell through) and his advice was always spot on. Plus he’s involved in community activities and public policy — which makes him a good conversationalist. Thank you, Scott.



Debbie, 2016

Patient, Honest & Supportive

“We could not have imagined a better first-time home buying experience. Jayne came to us on the strong recommendation of more experienced home buyers. Though we were likely looking at condos at a lower price point than many of her clients, that had no effect on the amount of time and effort Jayne devoted to our search. She was patient when we were indecisive; honest in her counseling; and supportive every step of the way. We have not even finished unpacking and we’re already looking forward to the next time we’ll work with Jayne.”


Joanne & Aaron, 2014

Made Sure Nothing Went Overlooked

“We were referred to Jayne by a coworker. She had recently helped him and his fiancée find a new condo, and had previously helped his parents and aunt and uncle find multiple homes prior to that. They couldn’t recommend Jayne highly enough and neither can we. Jayne worked with us tirelessly to find a place in a very short period of time. She understood our needs better than we did and skillfully guided us through our first home purchase. One example that epitomizes Jayne’s thoughtfulness and professionalism was during a second walkthrough of the condo we would eventually buy. As we were admiring the view and imagining where our furniture would go, Jayne began checking that the appliances worked and inspecting other features of the place. She let us enjoy envisioning our future in our new home while she made sure nothing went overlooked. That example represents our overall experience of working with Jayne.”


Laurence & Kylin, 2014

Professional, Coach & Friend

“Jayne Alofs is my new best friend! The short story is – I lived in my former home for 22 years when I decided to look for my ‘dream condo’. I had a list of ‘must haves’ when I met and talked with Jayne on May 30th. She listened, understood, asked a lot of questions, offered great suggestions and guidance and then got going!! On June 2, we looked at 6 units, all of which hit 90% or more of my requirements. I made an offer on June 6th, and moved into my dream home on Aug. 7th!

The next step was to sell my former condo. Jayne was of course my ‘go-to’ realtor! She again guided and coached me. Her suggestions led to my condo being on the market for less than a week before I had a contract! Bottom line, whether you are looking to buy or sell, Jayne is the professional who will become your coach and friend. She certainly knows the real estate business but maybe more importantly, she gets to know YOU and instills confidence that she understands and keeps your best interests in mind!”


Wendy, 2014

Perfect Property for US

“I was buying a property for several reasons and Jayne was professional and understanding through the entire process. The outcome was the perfect property for us, encompassing ALL of our reasons!”


Stephanie, 2014

Disciplined & Trusted Partner

“Jayne is a very hard worker that has a deep passion for the real estate industry. Her passion comes through her customer service. Jayne is very disciplined and a trusted partner any buyer should have on their team. I highly recommend her.”


Paul & Maria, 2013

10 Stars out of 5!

“My husband and I worked with Jayne on both ends of selling and purchasing of a property. I would rate her 10 stars on a 5 star scale! I can honestly say that I would recommend her to anyone that deserves her professionalism, diligence, care, drive, loyalty and persistence.  She transformed the awful market. We sold our home after only 1 day of showing and found our dream home at 11 pm on a Friday night.  Jayne knows her stuff – from the market, the build of homes, what your property is worth, what to pay for a property, how aggressive you need to be, or how timid for that matter.  I work in the sales world and would not put my name behind someone just because I feel like being nice.  This woman is fantastic at what she does which you experience while working with her. I truly can’t say enough positive things about her to even touch on how her efficacy has changed our lives.  I looked forward to every interaction with her as she was always professional, pleasant and goal-oriented.  Standing behind my word, I promise you can’t go wrong with choosing her to represent you on either end.”


Laura, 2013

Made Us Feel Like Her Only Clients

“After some time researching on putting our house on the market, my wife and I chose Jayne to be our Real Estate Agent. I can say without a doubt, Jayne was an amazing realtor who knows the ins and outs of a pretty rough market, as well as how to politely tell you how to sell your house. She was kind, courteous, constructive and always on top of our project. In her line of work she is pulled in a million different directions. Jayne always made my wife and I feel like we were her only clients. To complicate matters she had to contend with our reduced showing schedule due to our two toddlers and their need for naps and early bed times. Jayne got us the best price for our home and made the entire process relatively painless. She was a great partner in the odyssey of selling our house.”


Rick & Anna, 2013

Flexibility, Advice & Guidance

“It was our pleasure working with Jayne Alofs.  We appreciated her professionalism, knowledge, advice and guidance throughout our entire condo-purchasing experience.  We were searching from out-of-town, so her flexibility with our schedules made the process a smooth and easy one.  We looked for over a year and she was patient, warm and generous throughout.  When we did find a place, she coordinated inspections and attorneys and other details.  And most importantly, she was great with our four-year old.  He was with us on nearly every visit, and he and Jayne became great friends!  He still talks about her.  I would recommend Jayne with no reservation whatsoever.”


Mary & Gary, 2013

Most Professional Real Estate Agent We Have Used

“Jayne is the best, and most professional, real estate agent my family has ever used. She helped us sell our condo and our house. I will, and do, recommend her frequently.”


Dan & Jan, 2013

Knowledgable, Hardworking & Caring

“I have been a real estate lawyer for over 27 years and I have never worked with a real estate broker who is more knowledgeable, hardworking or caring than Jayne Alofs. Without fail, every time I leave a closing where Jayne is involved, her clients tell me how wonderful and supportive she’s been throughout the process. Her hard work and experience certainly make my job a lot easier. I highly recommend Jayne to anyone who is considering buying or selling a home. I am certain they will be well represented and happy with the results.”


Rick, 2013

Delight to Work With

“Jayne was extremely informative, helpful, and answered questions promptly.  Her upbeat personality made the process much more enjoyable and was truly a delight to work with.”


Katie, 2013

We Recommended Her to Family Members

“My husband and I highly recommend Jayne Alofs. We were looking for something very specific and thanks to Jayne we recently closed on our new home. She was knowledgeable, responsive, and helped us navigate the entire buying process. We were so impressed with Jayne’s efforts on our behalf we even recommended her to family members.”


Maria, 2013

Worked Around My Schedule & Incredibly Personable

“Last April, I contacted Jayne to assist me in purchasing a house for my mother who was moving to the Chicago area. After 8 months of searching for a house, we finally found the perfect house which I purchased in December. Jayne is one of the most responsive, professional, hard-working and patient individuals I have ever met. As an example of how responsive Jayne is, on a number of occasions, I would send her an email on a Sunday morning at 7 am and she responded within the hour. Jayne is always working. Jayne worked around my schedule to schedule showings, which often meant that we looked at houses at 7:30 am on Saturday mornings, and despite the early hour, Jayne always arrived before me. During our 8 months of working together, Jayne and I looked at close to 100 houses. Not once did Jayne suggest that I settleher attitude was that we would continue looking until we found the perfect house. In addition to these qualities, Jayne is incredibly personable. Given that house-hunting can be a long process and you will be spending a great deal of time with your agent, it is important that your agent be someone that you enjoy spending time with. Jayne is that person.”


Rebecca, 2012

Superb Level of Professionalism

“Jayne was very knowledgeable and provided superb level of professionalism and punctuality throughout the process. She was on point and was able to answer all of my questions and provide very insightful recommendations throughout the process. I highly recommend Jayne for any of your real estate needs.”


Chris, 2012

So Much Fun to Work With

“Jayne is the best realtor we have ever had and we have had many. She is always timely, well informed, follows-up, and just plain easy to work with. We have so much fun working with her. Our whole family has worked with her. You can’t do any better than Jayne.”


Mary, 2012

…Bringing Me Back to Reality & Advocating for Us to the Fullest Extent Possible.

“My husband and I were looking to make the transition from city dwellers to suburbanites, which included selling our condo in Bucktown and purchasing a new home in the northern suburbs.  Upon meeting Jayne through a recommendation by a mutual business associate, we knew we found the right person to assist us through this process.

From the beginning, Jayne was prompt, thorough, and knowledgeable about the market, guiding us through every step of the process.  She was considerate and respectful of our choices and decisions, while providing sound advice when we needed it.  When our condo went under contract within 2 weeks of listing, Jayne was quick to get us started on the home buying process and found many homes for us to look at.  She went with us to every viewing, talking through our likes, dislikes and concerns.  She maximized the time we spent looking at homes and filled a morning or afternoon with multiple appointments so that we didn’t waste any time finding a new place to live.  When we finally found the home that met our needs, the seller was very difficult to work with.  Jayne was a great sounding board during the negotiation process when I just wanted to call it quits and find something else.  This was probably the most valuable part of our experience working with her.  It wasn’t about a commission or talking us into something we didn’t want – it was having someone to vent to, who understood what we were going through, bringing me back to reality and advocating for us to the fullest extent possible.  We met her in June, 2012 and closed on our new home in October, 2012.  Not a week went by when we didn’t speak with her, even when she was out of the country on vacation.  She is dedicated, fun to work with, easy going, extremely knowledgeable and organized.  She is truly a gem to have with you during the real estate process.”


Angel & Tom, 2012

Helpful & Patient

“Jayne was tremendously helpful and patient during my search.  She guided me through multiple offers and multiple hiccups in a competitive bidding environment before helping me pick the ideal home for me.  I will recommend Jayne to any friend seeking an agent.”


Brian, 2012

Really Knows the Market

“Jayne Alofs really knows the market!  She efficiently narrowed things down for us and found us the right unit at a great price.  We recommend her to everyone we know.  She’s also super fun and a sweetheart!”


Emily & Luc, 2012

House Sold Immediately

“We couldn’t have been more pleased with our experience with Jayne.  She is knowledgeable, trustworthy, smart, courteous, and thorough.  We knew we were in great hands with her and thus were able to relax and trust that everything would turn out well.  And we were right!  Our house sold after the first showing and we know that Jayne’s expertise and passion for her work helped significantly to make that happen.”


Steve & Trisha, 2012

Jayne Goes the Extra Mile

“I was so pleased with my experience with Jayne. She worked very hard to find me a property that I could afford in a neighborhood that was really out of my range. SHE DID IT. I am living in a great place that is brand spanking new in a great neighborhood, and I am thrilled about it. She really went the extra mile for me. Thanks Jayne!”


Kathleen, 2011

Great Negotiator

“Jayne Alofs was referred to me several years ago, and she did a phenomenal job in dealing a couple of properties for me. She is a great negotiatorand knows how to sell. Her experience and vast network of contacts, allows her access to what property will be moving – this insight landed us in a gorgeous home in 2010. She gets the job done.”


Jeff & Elizabeth, 2010

Experienced, Knowledgable & Enthusiastic

“My husband and I were first time home buyers and consider ourselves LUCKY to have worked with Jayne.  She is experienced, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic.  She prepared us every step of the way – from seeing the houses, right through to our close.  She ran interference for us, told us what to look out for, made valuable suggestions and generally held our hands till we signed the final documents.  When our offer was accepted – I felt like she was as thrilled as we were to know that we had found not just a house, but a home.  I can not recommend her more highly to any prospective client!!”


Michelle, 2010

Truly Genuine & Great Follow-Through

“Working with Jayne was such a pleasure.  She took the time to understand exactly what I was looking for and found it for me in no time!  She is such a professional and a truly genuine person. She clearly has her client’s best interests at heart.  She is very knowledgeable and answered every question I had.  She was also punctual, very thorough and had great follow-through.  I couldn’t believe how smooth everything went.  I would highly recommend her to anyone.”


Annette, 2010

Pricing & Marketing Instincts Spot On

“My wife and I have hired Jayne twice now — once to help buy a house in 2009 and again this past summer, to sell that same house when we left Chicago. We have worked with a number of real estate agents over the years, both residential and commercial, and I can safely say that Jayne has been the best. For our recent sale, Jayne worked closely with us in preparing the house for sale, recommending just enough (but no more than necessary) repairs and “freshening” work to get the house ready for market. Her pricing and marketing instincts were spot on and we went to contract on the first day we were on the market, which was important for us because we were on a tight schedule. Jayne didn’t stop then, closely monitoring the closing process and quickly and effectively resolving the inevitable glitches that arise. Having now worked with her on both sides of the deal, I can highly recommend Jayne as either a buyer’s or seller’s agent.”

David & Llana, 2009

Our “Forever” Home

“I cannot say enough good things about Jayne.  She helped my husband and I find our current home and sell our previous one.  I could not be happier with our experiences working with her.  She is so professional, knowledgeable and experienced.  She was on top of every detail when it came to our real estate transactions.  I don’t think they could have gone more smoothly.  When we purchased our current home with Jayne, we did it with the intention of it being our “forever” home.  We are very grateful to Jayne for helping us find the home we would raise our children in.  I would recommend Jayne to anyone who is buying or selling a home.”


Kelly & James, 2009

The Best We have Worked With

“Jayne is a superb real estate professional. We had a short period of time to find a new home. She showed us a large number of properties quickly, each one carefully screened and within our requirements, giving us a good picture of our options. Once we found the home we wanted, Jayne did a great job assisting us in our negotiations and ensured a smooth process through closing, and beyond. We have used many realtors, for both residential and commercial purchases and sales, Jayne is the best we have worked with.”


Ilana, 2009

Easy to Work With & Punctual

“Jayne Alofs was very easy to work with. She knew all the right questions to ask the builders & sellers realtor. As a first time home buyer, Jayne Alofs was very patient with us. She worked with our hectic schedules and she was always on time. I recommended Jayne to all my friends who are thinking of purchasing their first homes. When it’s time for us to move, Jayne will be the first to know!”


Gleezel, 2009

Organized & Diligent Researcher

“Jayne is one of the most organized, professional, and hard-working people I’ve ever met. She has helped me buy and sell multiple properties over the last 5-6 years, and every time I have been thoroughly impressed with her attention to detail, the amount of time she spends doing market research and her impeccable communication. If I buy or sell another property in Chicago, I will trust Jayne every time without hesitation!”


Brian, 2008

Prompt, Positive & Sincere

“Jayne is a pleasure to work and I highly recommend her. Her promptness, positive attitude, professionalism and sincere involvementwith her clientele put her above the rest. She works with each person as an individual and caters to their needs.”

Jason, 2007

Invaluable Expert

“Jayne Alofs was terrific to work with. We were new house shoppers and knew little about the process, the intricacies, the facts, the … anything. We found Jayne to be educative in her guidance and invaluable to our search for the perfect home in the perfect location in a great community. We wouldn’t even have known about our new, terrific location were it not for Jayne. She’s always available and always helpful. We’ve recommended her already to numerous friends. We definitely recommend her to you.”


Joan, 2007

Trustworthy, Straightforward & Results-Oriented

Jayne Alofs is a trustworthy, straightforward, results-oriented real estate broker. I worked with Jayne directly and appreciated how well she listened, advised and managed both a home sale and a home purchase. I’ve recommended her numerous time to friends and family! Everyone who meets her comments on her professionalism and savvy, as well as her calm presence and levity she brings to what can be a stressful or uncertain experience. I recommend Jayne wholeheartedly.”


Rebecca & Kevin, 2007

Encouraged Us & Never Gave Up

“Jayne worked tirelessly to help us sell our house, right as the market was crashing beneath our feet. She encouraged us and never gave up, providing us with great professional advice. I recommended her to one of my friends who found the the perfect house and they are thrilled. She was wonderful to work with.”


Liz, 2006

Patient & Professional

“Jayne is a true professional who knows her stuff. She was patient and helped us navigate through all the real estate noise to focus on what was important to us.”


Kevin, 2006

Thorough, Patient & Supportive

“I highly recommend Jayne Alofs if you are searching for a property in Chicago and the surrounding communities.  I was a first time home buyer and Jayne was very thorough and patient, willing to explain all of the steps and requirements of the process. Jayne has great recommendations for complementary services such as attorneys and inspectors, as well as being knowledgeable about the city and its various neighborhoods. Jayne was very supportive during the entire experience, from looking at properties to making an offer and closing. She was reliable for appointments and responsive to all of my calls/questions in a timely manner.  If I were to sell/buy again I would definitely call Jayne!

When we decided to buy our first place, we didn’t know where to begin. But as soon as we started working with Jayne, it was so easy! She was there every step of the way, explained everything so well and answered the million little questions that we had. We never felt pressured or unsure about the next step, rather Jayne double checked all the details and always knew when to let us take more time or when we needed to do something right away. We are definitely turning to Jayne when it comes time to buy our next place!”


Brian & Susan, 2005

Knowledgeable, Sophisticated & Diligent

“I bought an investment property way under actual value last year using Jayne’s expertise. It has rented very well, with the renter signed up for another year.  Jayne is very knowledgeable, sophisticated, and diligent.  She follows the deal through and interacts skillfully at closing time.  Jayne gave me many useful referrals for mortgage brokers, painters, etc.   I am using her skills again this year to buy another investment and also to sell our present home and buy another.  I recommend her full-heartedly.  She gets the property you want with little effort on your part!”


Jo, 2005

Confident & Resourceful

“We first met Jayne Alofs one day as we were visiting open houses. The minute we started chatting with Jayne, we felt her presence and confidence. We left our contact information after leaving the open house, which began a relationship that would ultimately end up in us obtaining our dream house! Jayne began our home search by listening to our needsand concerns while assessing our needs. Right away she took off with setting us up one Sunday, practically traveling all over the Chicagoland looking at homes. We looked at new construction, older homes, town homes, etc., but it was the last property on the list that Robert and I fell in love with . We knew this property would be our ideal home, expressed interest and Jayne quickly took over and began the home buying process. We found Jayne to be very resourceful as she provided us with an analysis of all the properties that had recently gone up for sale in our area, along with providing us with references which we found to be invaluable. Jayne worked with us from beginning to the very end, and from time to time she still checks in with us which is a very rare quality. Jayne was a pleasure to work with and ultimately met our needs. I would definitely use Jayne again if the opportunity should arise and I would definitely refer her to all my friends.”


Rose, 2005

True Professional

“I am still thrilled with the condo. Thanks for making it happen, you are a true professional, always in control of the situation, not one overlooked detail. It was a pleasure working with you.”

Tommy, 2005


“Jayne helped me with my first home purchase and was there every step of the way, anywhere from showing me properties to answering the daily list of questions I had. When I finally made an offer on a place, everything that could go wrong did. Jayne helped me through the purchase from start to finish, giving me great advice and letting me know what to expect as the sale went through. I have since invited Jayne back to see the changes I have made and I have already asked her to be my selling agent. Trust is not something I dole out easily but Jayne has earned it. Thanks Jayne!”

Juan, 2005

Phenomenal at Client Service

“As a first time buyer, Jayne understood my need for information and clear explanations.  She was extremely thorough in making sure I felt comfortable every step of the way. I’ve referred Jayne to multiple friends and all have had great experiences!

After the sale, the job doesn’t end with Jayne. She heard through my lawyer that I was having a small issue with my building and called to ensure everything was okay and offered her help. Jayne is phenomenal at client service. She makes sure you have everything you need and provides you with just the right amount of guidance. If all of this is not enough, I am purchasing again and Jayne is my selling and buying agent for round two!”

Brandy, 2005