By admin  /  December 27, 2017

Spring Into Action: Wicker Park

By admin  /  August 7, 2017
BY EMMA GONZALEZ / AUGUST 7th, 2017 Spring into Action Part II At Jayne Alofs’s Partners, we like to create home...
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Summer Fun in Texas!

By admin  /  July 19, 2017
BY EMMA GONZALEZ / JULY 18TH, 2017 Everyone at Jayne Alofs Partners loves an adventure, whether domestic or abroad. This past...
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Succulent Care for Beginners

By admin  /  May 15, 2017
BY EMMA GONZALEZ / MAY 15th, 2017 Within the last few months, decided to sell succulents and cacti. I...
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Spring Into Action: Lakeview

By admin  /  April 17, 2017
BY EMMA GONZALEZ / APRIL 11th, 2017 Spring into Action Part I At Jayne Alofs’s Partners, we like to create...
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My Extraordinary Experience to India & Nepal

By Jayne Alofs  /  January 13, 2017
We hopped on an elephant and lumbered to the spectacular Amber Fort, a stunning fusion of Mughal and Hindu styles with the gorgeous Palace of Mirrors. We witnessed panoramic views of Jaipur’s original city walls and the Maotha lake below.
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The Veteran Affairs Loan

By Scott Fishman  /  November 4, 2016
Scott tells us about one of his specialties: the Veteran Affairs Loan.
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To Fall For Chicago

By Gabriela Miller  /  October 20, 2016
Fall is here! Jayne talks about some of her favorite things to do during her favorite season in the beautiful city of Chicago.
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Explore: Evanston

By Scott Fishman  /  October 6, 2016
Living, working and playing in the neighborhood of Evanston, Scott has become an expert in one of the most popular suburbs of Chicago.
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Explore: Fulton Market District

By Gabriela Miller  /  September 17, 2016
Everything you need is right here in this neighborhood! The look and feel of the area is urban and it has kept a little bit of the grit of its history.
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Welcome to the Team!

By Gabriela Miller  /  September 6, 2016
Brian Harrison has an impressive background in collegiate education and political communication, earning two Masters degrees and a PhD and writing his first book, to be published in February 2017.
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An Interesting Occupation

By Scott Fishman  /  August 31, 2016
As a realtor, you get to be privy to the most intimate details of someone's life.
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Music for the Soul

By Jayne Alofs  /  August 12, 2016
Classical music feeds my soul. It’s an experience of vast emotional degrees and it’s a wonderful escape. The excitement of a trumpet or the soothing, earthy notes from a cello offers a vast array of emotional reactions.
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A Realtor’s Guide to Chicago Coffee

By Scott Fishman  /  July 29, 2016
One of the best things about being a realtor is the flexibility to find new spaces to work at. I’m always meeting with new clients all over the city and suburbs, and one of my favorite places to meet them is at a coffee shop.
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Providing Smart Solutions for Clients

By Gabriela Miller  /  July 14, 2016
We decided that our work would never be treated as a transaction, but rather a relationship. We wanted people to understand that we really do care about their goals and ambitions.
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