“My wife and I have hired Jayne twice now — once to help buy a house in 2009 and again this past summer, to sell that same house when we left Chicago. We have worked with a number of real estate agents over the years, both residential and commercial, and I can safely say that Jayne has been the best. For our recent sale, Jayne worked closely with us in preparing the house for sale, recommending just enough (but no more than necessary) repairs and “freshening” work to get the house ready for market. Her pricing and marketing instincts were spot on and we went to contract on the first day we were on the market, which was important for us because we were on a tight schedule. Jayne didn’t stop then, closely monitoring the closing process and quickly and effectively resolving the inevitable glitches that arise. Having now worked with her on both sides of the deal, I can highly recommend Jayne as either a buyer’s or seller’s agent.”

Pricing & Marketing Instincts Spot On